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This area covers bridle paths in Englefield and Bradfield. private tracks and public bridleways allow nearly 8 miles of off road riding. (Please see map)

The larger area of the two covers nearly 16 miles in Silchester, Mortimer and Padworth areas, with the added bonus of a discount when proof of Mortimer Riding club is presented an a purchase of permit. (please see map)

To apply for a permit please complete the application form and send to the Englefield Estate Office along with your cheque. Permits can be paid for in cash in person at the office.
Please note that office opening hours are 9-5 Monday to Friday, with the office being closed between 1pm and 2pm.

Prices can be found on the application form



o       No entry to the woods except at the access points marked on the plan and on the ground.

o     Only use the paths and rides marked on the plan and on the ground.   All other tracks are out of bounds.

o       Do not erect jumps.  The Estate have put up jumps in certain areas, detailed on the permits.

o       Be very careful to avoid fires, particularly in dry weather.  Do not smoke if there is a fire risk.

o       No vehicles of any sort are allowed in the woods.

o    The Estate carry out commercial forestry operations in the woods, so avoid going near foresters felling or extracting trees.

o       At certain times of the year the shooting is let, so be careful not to interfere with organised shooting parties.

o       Please cause no damage to any part of the Estate.

o       No dogs are allowed in the woods.

o      You must show this permit to the Warden or Head Forester if requested to do so and obey any instructions they give you.

o       This permit is personal to you and may not be transferred to anyone else.

o       The Estate reserves the right to cancel any permit(s) immediately if any of these rules are broken.





Is the permit for the rider or the horse?

The permit holder may own two horses, but only one permit, therefore only one horse can be ridden.  Each horse on Englefield land must have a valid permit showing when being ridden.


Are cyclists allowed in the woods?

No, the woods are for the quiet pleasure of horse riders.  We have been asked on many occasions if we would change our policy and we have, each year, reconsidered this.  At the present time we will not be changing this.


How do the Estate Wardens/other riders know if someone riding on the Estate has a valid permit?

Each permit holder is issued with a coloured disk with relevant sticker to show validity.   Each disk has a corresponding number. The Wardens are issued with an up to date list of permits whenever one is issued.  If no disk can be seen the rider will be treated at though they do not hold a valid permit and stopped.  Permits are issued within 24 hours of application and therefore we do not allow riders access to the bridle paths until they are in possession of the disk.

Application form for riding permit

Mortimer map of private tracks

Home Farms map of private tracks