Englefield Countryside Days for Schools

school dayAn annual two day event at Englefield opens the Estate up to all local Primary schools to enjoy an organised day of learning and memorable experiences. 

In June the House and grounds are transformed, with 25 stands and teaching areas adorning the immediate areas and spaces around the House, representing  the residential and working community, and the agricultural environments.

The stands offer topical based learning presentations, displays, demonstrations or interactive experiences within the areas of Farming, Sustainability, Community, Environment, History and Skills and are staffed, primarily, by the estate staff and people actively doing the job today. 

This is a unique opportunity to open young minds to the current working practices in Building and Construction, Arable, Dairy and Meat Production Farming, Horticulture, Forestry and Countryside Management and in the context of the working environment.  

All Primary Schools in Berkshire are contacted through formal invitation, and given the chance to take part in the days which are free of charge – schools are expected to find there own transport to and from the event.

het logo   Citation from the Heritage Education Trust

"Englefield Countryside Open Days offer a multi-faceted, cross-curricular insight into the workings of a country estate and into the history of rural England. For two days in June children are enthused by a range of activities and people, helping teachers to promote and embed learning primarily through enjoyment.

If a key goal of learning outside the classroom is to create positive memories of education, Englefield's Countryside Open Days achieve this. Stewardship and education are at the heart of heritage: the Benyon family excel in both these areas and, moreover, make admirable and important links between them. They could not do this without with the skills and support of their enthusiastic staff, partner organisations and volunteers."

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For more information on Countryside Days for Schools please contact tina.haynes@englefield.co.uk